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tv   Headline News  RT  August 14, 2014 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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to teach you reason why you should care about humans in. this is why you should care only. the. security forces crackdown on protestors in missouri were anger over the killing of an unarmed black teenager by police has boiled over for a fourth night journalist there are being threatened and told to leave the area. we report on the continually street violence word ten people have been arrested in the last clashes between angry locals and police. consider sending non-combat troops to iraq were breathless jihad as militants are tightening their grip western involvements growing with france and the united states arming kurdish
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fighters and. fresh shelling stride besieged cities in east ukraine with over twenty civilians reportedly killed by artillery fire as the un signals an escalation of violence in the region. which are here national coming to life for moscow with me marina joshie welcome to the program rallies in missouri over the killing of an unarmed teenager by a policeman are far from a losing pace ten people have been arrested and one officer injured in overnight riots police used tear gas after some protesters threw molotov cocktails at security forces our jesus theater is there. the
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mayhem and chaos continue to unravel on the streets of ferguson in the suburbs of st louis missouri for a fourth night in a row police continue to clash with protesters coming out onto the streets in outrage over the death of eighteen year old michael brown. right now the air here is filled with tension and really smells of tear gas still hours after it was fired violence and looting began on sunday night as hundreds of protesters took out onto the streets dozens of businesses were looted we have witnessed tear gas in fact you use when protesters were quite peaceful when nobody really was doing anything but it seems to be a different story according to the police that have been quite heavily militarized out on the streets night after night expecting it seems the worse the local community is outraged because witnesses who say they saw exactly what happened during michael's killing report that he has he had been running away from the
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police car with his hands lifted up in the air showing that he was unarmed when he was killed by multiple gunshots this community ferguson in fact has a population of twenty one thousand people two thirds of them are african-american whereas the ferguson police department is estimated to have only three black police officers out of fifty so the issue of race is certainly a huge one in these unraveling clashes and violence that have been taking place michael brown's killing has exposed deep rooted frustration among residents in ferguson about how there are neighborhoods are police saying fear and force are sad practices they experience every day when you've got a lot of harassment by the cops you don't see enough we can go on a no no we were in the street so why you shouldn't and so the complex who's going to be next which child is going to be next week jessie trayvon and. jordan davis and all the black children all around the world this is the systematic racist
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problem this is a part time in america let's call it what it is. on line angry responses are pouring out faster the way the police are handling the protests in ferguson some tweets in the past few hours compare the heavily armed officers to the combat troops who are in iraq catch up with war social media reaction to our website r.t. dot com. the. over twenty civilians have reportedly been killed in logan skinniest a crane the local militia stronghold has been under haveour tillery fire in the past twenty four hours with officials there saying almost all areas of the city are being shelled and this is the video from danny it's another besieged city that's coming under fresh bombardment.
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firing again overnight with local saying the intensity of attacks have increased and the u.n. human rights agency estimates that around sixty people a day are being killed or wounded marie for national met some of the residents of will ganske. key of coast and large scale and terrified ration while empty government in the east say they're trying to liberate the region from occupiers yet its civilians who are paying the highest price they describe what's happening on the ground and in their backyards as senseless violence. the city of the guns one of the biggest in the crane's east lies in ruins and is almost empty but a to refine never stops while the shelling of the city continue not only residential areas are being targeted just yesterday a shell landed right here in the middle of these graves at one of the city's main cemeteries cauchon the road no doubt that your side of the border in this where
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more law where you're more so stoke on your balcony i was another you look. at me in your vision to see a foot on the street more than nature has disappeared over you. dimitri and his family were caught in the sporadic fire when they tried to get water from a wild stream outside to see. my this national bulge and behold not a morning person but you just read anything we're going to shoot you is bogus video you can hear chunk of it is political we don't do much kinetic neither of course the war for you pretty this is for mr clinton for his goal but it was all done the mark of globalization all of the boomers media but you sure we'll all be sure to join up and safety is not the only thing listening only on a scale that all those we spoke to here told us they are in need of practically everything humanitarian aid provided by city authorities is not easy to get.
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there is the yellow which is the girl through study doesn't these two going to have to trudge through the little sore to go must get continued miserably even though a lot of those can look this early to start them in the chippy the stucco which lets you do should be unsuitable most w.q. which it remotely low level but it gets to use a bloodless coup to pull much of your menu home i should be approaching late you will decide to see your street this hendry to ninety's tree in one of the most shelled districts of lugansk invites anyone who wants to flee the city to come to dislike native place on any given day just those who haven't got out yet don't seem in any rush to pack their bags and escape but it most likely was no week at noon when you couldn't buy it in the streets it was out of the water but there are those who want to get out but can't. give you what well then you do i don't miss the leadership or the gift or what is your but you guys for me to go to
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a couple of hours after we crossed the border back into russia we heard that violent clashes have erupted all along the road we drove alone and those who we just spoke to in lugansk now find themselves trapped in the encircled. this nation. in eastern ukraine. now it's been over a week since declared a state of humanitarian disaster the convoy of russian aid is now on its way to the border with ukraine nearly three hundred trucks are carrying tons of products including baby food canned meats sugar of bottled water and electricity generators the mission is designed to bring relief to the residents of eastern ukraine who are suffering power water and food shortages. while moscow is demanding explanations from kiev over the fate of missing russian journalist andre stan in contact with a photographer who was working in east ukraine was lost more than a week ago ukraine's interior ministry said it can only. assume the journalist may
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have been detained by security services and a thirty three year old's disappearance triggered a major al cry among international rights groups calling for his release and highlighting the dangers facing journalists covering the conflict in the country. it's not the first time the reporter has been caught in the crossfire in eastern ukraine several others have been abducted interrogated or even tortured seven journalists have been killed on our team dot com you can see those who risked their lives covering the conflict and we also closely following updates on that missing photographer three stand in and we'll bring them to you. britain is out of the involvement in iraq will remain a humanitarian effort by the prime minister is not ruling out deploying a limited number of non-combat troops to cameron cut short his holiday for an
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emergency meeting on the escalating crisis in iraq's kurdistan is under growing pressure from parliament to give the u.s. more military support extremists are now actively recruiting on the streets of london as reports shoppers on london's oxford street got more than they bargained for earlier this week when they encountered men handing out fly is asking britons to join the islamic state the violent organization terrorizing northern iraq i was on oxford street with a group of friends of mine and i saw this. stand people were having like a table. given defense to people trying to promote. the really fight the spread of pro islamic state material has become a major concern factor anti terror police in the u.k. i thought ok this is wrong something else going on and i was very angry i mean. i
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was trembling there using the democratic and that situation and freedom in order to promote something against it which is really we dangerous in one east london housing estate this black flag closely resembling that of jihadist groups was seen hanging above the gates for several days the highly provocative gesture to pace as the islamic states murderous campaign has left thousands of refugees stranded in northern iraq r e s tornado jets have been sent to support a drops for refugees and to carry out surveillance operations it's also of course a political statement sending a combat jet is a statement of intent in any situation it provides flexibility for the government if the situation on the ground ask. it's to a point where they deem strikes to be necessary it wouldn't require much modification at all the jets would be a very quick resource to be there if a quote image is a bizarre mixed up force
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a real show rampage through iraq have been splashed across the media and it's starring public opinion where the demonstration outside downing street and you can see the signs talking about standing up to i said the u.k. prime minister is under growing political pressure to follow the lead of the us and launch air strikes to try to stop the terrorists advance that's despite lingering anger over the deeply unpopular iraq war which cost the u.k. nine billion pounds and dragged on for almost a decade iraq's current crisis has been blamed on the power vacuum the war created there is also a sense that because of the iraq war this is you know this is the west responsibility many people consider that of course as the alternate few that the west has already been into iraq and it hasn't worked out so they should just stand back but again there is pressure from both sides and certainly huge pressure from within iraq from the kurdish reason regions that desperate for us strikes so far the u.k.
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government is limited itself to providing humanitarian assistance but with growing concerns over the islam mix states reign of terror and over the spread of extremist ideology at home westminster could be forced to reconsider i. see london. the u.n. has declared the highest level of emergency in iraq warning that thousands of christian refugees trapped by jihad is on mountain jar face imminent genocide within days a u.s. helicopter delivering food to the area led to desperate crowds rushing to the aircraft begging the crew to take them to safety the pentagon though says an evacuation is not necessary because far fewer people are under siege than bring usually thought. after thousands managed to escape to safety. for now america and some european partners are trying to get weapons to kurdistan which was long one of the tanami from iraq and other territories while washington was first
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to offer hardware with the cia providing local militia with light weapons and ammunitions france which is only ever had a humanitarian involved move for as those who agreed with baghdad to supply some weaponry while the u.k. is helping transport soviet era weapons from eastern europe foreign policy expert robert naiman told us the arms supplies will be in the other incentive for iraqi kurds to seek more independence. there are on resolve obviously deep on resolved issues between the regional government of kurdistan and the central government in baghdad it doesn't seem to be any prospect that they will do so and it doesn't seem to be any prospect that really any outside force can physically stop iraqi kurds from declaring independence in the areas that they control the courage to have always been seen to have long been seen in the west as
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a more reliable partner better fighters militarily more cohesive politically course there are other issues at stake here besides. humanitarian. motivations that are being stated one key thing is the concern about the northern iraqi oil fields of this is something that the british and french are also concerned about the oil fields in northern iraq possibility that this one state or i say as the will threaten or to control of iraqi oil fields. to pass spain compensation for crimes committed by u.s. military personnel it's a peculiar deal that's also leaving some victims without justice one year from a lot of them in just a few moments. i'm
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happy martin the stories we cover here are not going on here in iraq other big story the monster in the headlines sometimes there's a reason they don't want to have more. outrage now let's break the set. i. thought it was. crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you
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want. welcome back you're watching out here national japan's defense ministry has revealed it's paid out nearly four million dollars in compensation over the past decade for accidents and crimes involving american military personnel around fifty thousand troops have served at u.s. military bases in japan a last ten years and under an agreement tokyo has to pay a quarter of the compensation for incidents that occurred during u.s. military duties even if the japanese have nothing to do with them and it turns out that thousands of crimes have been committed by u.s. staff and the time almost twenty million dollars was paid out in compensation nearly four million of that by japan scott heard the story of one victim and her
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crusade for justice. well in two thousand and two i was raped by united states military servicemen and at that time i thought that perhaps i was the only person who was a victim and then i i did so much research and i have i have this here before me is the list of nine hundred forty five the this is only the rape cases alone that have happened since the one nine hundred forty s. and the list you can see is quite extensive here they're happening like every every month or every couple of weeks and i actually put this list. and i watch it you can see it's not that large but you can see i've written on on some sheets here and what is what is in other words goes on it's all laid out a lot of this is enough this would be these a list of just the right crimes and our . and that would probably my would probably be equivalent to a twenty four store story building so how many of these. investigated properly do
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you believe i mean what happened in new york or use properly well say for example since the nine hundred fifty s. there's been about two hundred thousand crimes and accidents that have been caused by united states military service men. and in my case. you know nobody wanted to help me nobody wanted to listen and the united states military has claimed and has blatantly told the entire world that they are zero tolerance to rape cases. and they're helping rape victims but that is completely the opposite they have not helped me at all. israeli defense forces have resumed firing at gaza shortly after rockets were fired into southern israel both sides had just agreed a new five day cease fire hours before the existing truce was due to expire a middle east correspondent policy or looks at how the new shelling puts the shaky
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cease fire at risk. things on the ground are a little confusing at this stage the ceasefire does appear to be holding but both sides accuse the other of violating it we're hearing from him us that they say israel is continuing with its shelling of a gaza one at the same time israel is accusing her months of rocket fire at southern israel there are simonds that are currently sounding in the south of this country but it's not yet been cleared up with the impact that we created by a rocket fire it was a seventy two hour cease fire that was due to expire at midnight on wednesday and two hours before that expired date went into effect there were around five rockets fired at israel israel responded by hitting some targets in the gaza strip and also moving lies in its troops on the israel gaza border so that certainly saw tensions here climb as both sides started feeling that they could be a resumption of fighting all of this happens while we have these in direct negotiations taking place in cairo there is this new agreement in place for
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a five day cease fire and it's hoped that this time will be used so that they can be a permanent deal reached between the sides what we are hearing from the teams in cairo is that there has been significant progress but that there are still outstanding issues regarding the lifting of the siege in gaza regarding security arrangements and also reconstruction efforts inside the gaza strip where news from around the world and brazil presidential candidate of the arctic our bus has died in a plane crash along with four other passengers and two pilots the private jet came down in bad weather and our residential area in the port city of sound us on the ground six people including two children were injured and several buildings were destroyed brazil's president has declared three days of national mourning and canceled campaign events congress was running third in opinion polls for the election which takes place in a. hospital in the u.s. state of nebraska has been flooded after
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a bout of heavy rainfall security camera. the moment a wall of water pushed through the cafeteria doors and all of the hospitals kitchen and eating areas have been damaged and could take months to repair several northern parts of the u.s. have also endured heavy rain and flash floods u.s. sanctions may be taking a toll on the world's industries but some are in a big gating the storm and even make a few dollars from it the moves have set companies on a high respect you're looking for consultants to help steer them past the restrictions and if she can looks at how sanctions experts are now in great demand . the u.s. government is imposing more and more sanctions on nations and individuals around the globe and it's becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to navigate through those ever changing rules in fact but the more complicated it gets the more job opportunities but those who now work at the u.s. treasury sanctions experts are up for grabs by banks investment firms and
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consulting companies who want to steer clear of violations violations can be very costly these days for example french bank b.n.p. recently agreed to pay an almost nine billion dollars fine for violating u.s. sanctions by processing bans transactions involving sudan iran and cuba deutsche bank a g.'s under investigation for potential violations of u.s. sanctions the bank now plans to hire about five hundred compliance risk and technology employees in the u.s. h.s.b.c. which two years ago agreed to pay almost two billion dollars to settle anti money laundering probes in the u.s. now has at least seven former obama administration treasury officials working on financial crime or sanctions related issues is now among the most active banks hiring from the government obviously private sector pays more by the way we reached out to a number of former treasury employees so now work at major corporations they either
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declined or never responded to the u.s. government's ever expanding list of sanctions may cause headaches to businesses but it also provides well paying career opportunities for those who helped compose those sanctions in washington i'm going to check on our team and the number of individuals and businesses from around the world who are banned by the u.s. is nearing six thousand good news for the banks and investment firms spade to find ways around the intricacies of the rules but not for every consumers as libertarian economist lou rockwell explains. it's a you know the. kind of system would got so you have big companies big banks with special groups with big business. or government against the rest so it's not a healthy system it's really a. economically a form of fascism this is true of the centers for disease control it's true of the federal trade commission of the we can down the it's a product safety commission but not on the list of all these regulatory agencies
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the employees who are involved in creating the regulations go to work for those with so i would say you know all the bad people are benefiting and the good people are being hurt and sanctions are the parly wrong apparently immoral as international law is always held by the this is the equivalent of bombing somebody these are very very serious dangerous a rotten things for the u.s. government. and there's a first for feminism and the nobel words this year and iranian scientists has become the first woman to receive the prestigious prize in mathematics and the story at r.t. dot com. and also revealing the secrets of nature's most complex creation in u.s. scientists have developed three details shoot down could help understanding of how our minds work. will stay with us for breaking the sound next on our senior national.
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baltimore is considering making their curfew for minors even stricter for the last twenty years children caught on the street up until midnight were in deep trouble with the police but now this when we meet even earlier starting at nine or ten pm depending on their age and the day that week. can the government impose a curfew on youths well yes if we think about it people under eighteen can't sign contracts join the army smoke cigarettes or vote because they're legally not responsible for their own actions so yeah that whole freedom of association guaranteed by the constitution really only applies once you're an adult who can in theory be responsible for associating with certain people on a street corner at midnight although legally this is ok ideologically there's something wrong with the idea i remember hearing in school all the talk about
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living in the greatest country on earth and how many freedoms we have in america but the problem is that it is hard for teenagers to believe all these nice slogans when they have to dodge police just for walking down the street in their own home town getting a two hundred fifty dollar fine for leaving your house doesn't make you feel like you're living in the greatest country on earth i mean it sure didn't when they put a curfew in my neighborhood in the ninety's but that's just my opinion. i asked ray. in december two thousand and ten. more likely to be raped in college and in the real world. i don't think simple did that to each other when they knew each other i thought rape was a stranger in the bushes. girl complaining about the son of an alumni use gives millions of dollars to the school why listen to somebody who's going to lose money
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at the school if schools that make money based decisions are much more common than they would ever admit publicly. to you in reality mediation is still lives we don't and it is killing our children they aren't dying also horrid conditions assman leukemia the feel stories are still hiding the truth for most still and i don't know why don't they have children of their own because you heard so much to know the two counts protect our children second is. that nixon decided to close the gold window and turn the monetary system into a painting on a dollar bill in exchange for this deal with a fee out devil the us economy would never aid we were told we could lead lives to
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balance currency without cost. i've got news for you the portrait of one call center has been hit in the basement of fort knox behind the barbarous relic old gold and that portrait of multiple saying my dear people chose a tire haggard and ugly old dude from monetary to power tree to school murder empires of dead and banking immorality. do we speak our language different cultures will use programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on. reporting from the world's hot spots to vo ip interviews intriguing stories for you. then try. to find out more visit our big teeth dog called.


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